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And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully. II Timothy 2:5

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Michael Hamilton is Founder and director of Mastery Prison Ministry. Hamilton and Team Mastery are using their athletic talents to minister to inmates and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our state and federal correctional facilities.

Mastery’s goal is to see families saved and stay together even through the hardship of incarceration.  




 Trips to CA, OH, SC & KY

Team Mastery had a full schedule of events starting in California through Ohio and South Carolina and finishing up the summer in Kentucky.

Our Mastery volunteers were able to present the Gospel to over 8000 inmates, passed out thousands of Gospel tracts, leading to 316 confessions of faith in Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord!  As an added blessing 220 new men signed up for our discipleship Bible study program.

As we look to close out the 2019 schedule our travels will land us back in the Los Angeles area in California the first week in November.  Please join us in prayers as we visit 5 yards in three days proclaiming liberty unto the captive.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we continue to serve our Lord and Savior.



Our prison ministry is supported solely through the contributions of many caring people, churches and other organizations.  Almost everyone has been affected by the incarceration of a family member, friend or neighbor.  Our mission is to tell them about Jesus Christ and the love and hope and eternal life He offers to all.

Your donations and prayers for this ministry provide us the means to reach out to thousands of inmates each year and share the gospel.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to share the Gospel and give love and hope to those who are in prison.  Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and will bless our ministry. 

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