"TEAMMATE" - it is simply my favorite word in the English language. I am so blessed to be a member of Team Mastery and blessed to go to battle with the men GOD has assembled.
It is a bond that is like none other.
    2 John 1:8 ... is an amazing verse for any Family, Team, Church or Ministry that God has put together to accomplish a given task .
Read it with me, it begins with three simple words, "LOOK TO YOURSELVES" - easily stated, it's gonna take a Team effort.
"THAT WE LOSE NOT" - a reminder that there is much that can be lost.
"THOSE THINGS WHICH WE HAVE WROUGHT" - we have put in great effort to accomplish something.
"THAT WE RECIEVE A FULL REWARD" - finish in such a way that nothing is left undone that GOD has given us to do and equipped us to do.
    This month let me encourage you, DON'T QUIT, LOOK TO YOUR TEAMMATES, your Pastor, your Family, your brothers and sisters in Christ, find strength in them, there is so much that can be lost, and God has brought you so far, finish all that God has called you to do.

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